Algebra is so stressful *cries*
I need to do more digital art *cries*
I feel like it’s forever until my Okita Sougo mask arrives in the mail (Coming between the 8th and 22nd) *cries*
I need to watch more Gintama *cries*
I need to study more Japanese *cries*
I need to practice piano more *cries*
I need a textbook on law and prosecution *cries*
Will I ever be a lawyer *cries*
Haaaaaalp ;-;
Better quality


6 thoughts on “;-;

      As of August 15th 2016, I’ll be 14! I’m so excited~~~~ I feel like I just turned 13 though…
      Algebra isn’t bad tbh but it’s just my teacher and student teacher… Smh ;-;

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      1. Awwww THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It’s absolutely fine! I can’t believe you’re going to be 14, I feel so young even though two years isn’t that much of a difference. We need to find a place where we can chat way more often, we barely get to talk anymore and it makes me sad…..I can get back on my gmail, I just don’t know what email you’re mainly on.

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      2. You can try oddjobsmei@gmail.com
        It’s my business email for the business type thing I’m starting up, so that means I’ll be pretty active (or at least I’ll try to be)
        I have a Tumblr as well, if you wanted to talk via Tumblr (idk if you have one or can make one)
        And yoooo, I feel old too xD
        In a few years I’ll be off to college! *Sniffle* Soon, I’ll be a year closer to having to pay bills ;-; I can’t wait till college tbh. I’m planning on going to law school after (college for 4 years=bachelor’s degree and then law school for 3 years so I can become a prosecuting attorney for criminal law) I’m actually pretty excited~~~~~~~ Oh and btw, if you can make a tumblr (or if you have one) mine is pancakekun075

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      3. Okay, I’ll totes make a tumblr and I’ll use that e-mail!
        Lol, I can’t wait until college either! I can totally see you becoming a lawyer…you could totally be on the Supreme Court! xD I’m going to become a computer programmer so…you be on the Supreme Court and I’ll make the next Facebook xD

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      4. Yesssss! I’ll be the best prosecutor there ever was, and you’ll make the best ever Facebook2.0! xD But speaking of college though… I have about 4 more years to go! I’ll be in the 9th grade next year, so, yeah. Omg but on the announcements yesterday they were like “Get your yearbooks now- only $55 CASH!” And I’m just sitting there like “whut.” xD I’ve decided to just buy one my senior year… Which is pretty soon. I’m nervous but excited at the same time! I really want to get a part time job though, and I can’t get one until I’m 14 but there’s gonna be no time left in the summer once that happens… I’ll be out of the country for about a month as well in the summer (I’m going to China and Japan~~~~!), and idek if I’m going to leave in July or August. I guess I’ll just wait until next year’s summer (It’s going to be 2017 next year omg). But, yo… I’m graduating highschool in 2020 o.o So close, yet so far! xD I’m still not even completely used to writing 2016 on my homework assignments and stuff yet. Like, I thought I was, but a month or so ago I accidentally wrote the date and put 2015 on it, and I think it was a test but I don’t really remember xD


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