An Extremely Long Post (Sort of)

Omg I haven’t posted in forever I am so sorry people ;A;
I have free time on the computers again though at school, so that’s how I’m writing this now.  Due to NYS math tests (Which all the honours algebra kids got opted out of) I now have to deal with a double period in algebra every day for the rest of this week as well as gym with my super mean racist and sexist gym teacher 3rd period -_-  They took away my favourite class, too (Social Studies)!  And then tomorrow I have a double period in Living Environment as well.  Gahhh…  Like, tomorrow’s schedule is Algebra, English, P.E, Algebra (Again -_-), Living Environment, Living Environment (Again -_-‘), Lunch, Art (This Friday is the last day of the marking period, so I’m starting Theater Tech on Monday), and then Spanish.  *Sigh*  It’s the same today, but I have Advisement instead of Living Environment (Period 5).  I can’t wait until Monday tbh so that way my schedule will go back to normal.  Like, let me have my History class, we are learning about WW2.  I want to show off the stuff I’ve learned from Hetalia xD  Jkjk, I just find this unit a lot more interesting because of Hetalia lol
But anywu, farewell to you all!  I’ll try to post again soon~~~~


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