Charles Grey x Reader (Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler)

This is dedicated to my favourite Senpai, Canada Senpai~  Aye, Senpai, I tried.  Ight bae.  xD  I’M GOING TO WRITE IT IN YOUR FAVOURITE COLOURSSSSS
Blue, Green, and black, right?  Ight.  Let’s do this.  I shall not fail you.
Chapter 1:
(F/N) walked up the stairs and into the prestegious home of Queen Victoria, brushing her (H/L) (H/C) hair out of her face.  She sighed as she continued walking through the long corridor, which seemed to never end.  She had just been hired to work for the Queen.  She was heading to meet with Charles Grey, an Earl who was apparently the head butler for Queen Victoria.  According to the letter she had received in the mail just a few days before, he was to train her to be able to serve the Queen to the best of her ability.
“Excuse me, are you (F/N) (L/N)?” a voice asked.
(F/N) quickly turned around.  “Yes, I am.  And who might you be?” she asked.
“Grey.  Charles Grey,” he replied.  (F/N) eyed him suspiciously.  He was wearing the same uniform as her, and he had somewhat long white hair that was draped over his right shoulder.
“You look awful young,” (F/N) said.  “I thought you might’ve been a bit older.”
“Well you’re quite young yourself.”
(F/N) shrugged.  “I suppose so.  But then again…”  She began walking around Charles, and she was seemingly inspecting him.  “I guess you’ve got the hair to be considered older.”
Charles looked shocked.  “What’s that supposed to mean?” he said.  Poor guy must’ve thought he had bald spots.
(F/N) smirked.  “Old man Charles already has white hair~  Eheh.”
Charles sighed.  “So that’s what this is about.”  He flipped his hair dramatically.  “Oh well.  I’m still your Senpai.”
(F/N) was stunned.  “My Senpai?  What on Earth-  This is London!  This isn’t Japa-”
Charles shook his head disapprovingly.  “One does not talk back to their Senpai,” he said.  “Now, as your Senpai it is my duty to teach you, my Kohai, things such as the art of using a sword, and so on and so forth.  Do you understand?”
“No,” (F/N) said.  “I don’t see why I have to be your Kohai.”
Charles sighed.  “Honestly, teaching you stuff is going to be a pain.”
(F/N) glared at Charles.  “Oh well.  Too bad.  You’re just going to have to deal with it, Senpai.”
~Message From Author Chan~
There it is, the first chapter!  I do hope you all enjoyed my attempt at making a Charles x Reader.  Chapter 2 coming soon!


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