53 Ways To Annoy Different Anime Characters And Vocaloids

~Made With The Help Of Canadaz/Zizi Sakamaki and L’sGF/POOPINGANIMELOVERZ~
1. Kanato Sakamaki- Repeatedly offer Teddy coffee until killed, or just talk to Teddy in general.
2. Subaru Sakamaki- Decorate his room with garlic and garlic related objects on Halloween. Claim that he needs to be in the “Holiday Spirit.”
3. Tamaki Suoh- Tell him that Haruhi will never love him.
4. Haruhi Fujioka- Tell her that she will never ever get to eat fancy tuna as long as she lives.
5. Haruhi Fujioka- Tell her that senpai will always notice her.
6.Mitsukuni Haninozuka/Hani- Eat his cake.
7. Mitsukuni Haninozuka/Hani- Wake him up from his naps all the time.
8. Canada- Continue to ignore him and/or mistake him for America.
9. Prussia- Tell him that he is not awesome.
10. Death The Kid- Tell him that he will never be symmetrical.
11. Black Star- Tell him that he is not awesome.
12. Maka Albarn- Steal all her books.
13. Soul Eater Evans- Tell him that he will never be cool.
14. Goku- Steal all his food.
15. Medusa Gorgon- Tell her that she looks like a Gumi Megpoid wannabe.
16. Sebastian Michaelis- Steal all of his silverware and replace it with plastic spoons.
17. Tanaka- Take away all of his tea.
18. Finny- Restrict him from going outside.
19. Ciel Phantomhive- Ban him from all tea and sweets.
20. Alois Trancy- Steal all his booty shorts and replace them with normal pants.
21. Claude Faustus- Steal his glasses.
22. Claude Faustus- Sing the Spiderman theme song every time you walk by him.
23. Kaito Shion- Lecture him on how ice cream is unhealthy.
24. Ash Ketchum- Replace his Pokedex with a GBA (Gameboy Advance).
25. Ash Ketchum- Replace all his Pokeballs with bouncy balls.
26. Roy Mustang- Pull the fire alarm every time you see him and spray him with a hose.
27. Edward Elric- Prepare him a huge meal, with every single dish containing milk. Then, force him to drink a gallon of milk.
28. Gumi Megpoid- Tell her that carrots are a disgrace and that she is banned from eating them.
29. Yuno Gasai- Tell her that Yuuki will never love her.
30. Grey Fullbuster- Ask him if he and Natsu are brothers/related because they look a lot like each other.
31. Kyoya Ootori- Steal his notebook and use up all the pages by writing one word on each page in huge letters.
32. Ayato Sakamaki- Ban him from eating takoyaki because it is unhealthy and he will never be cool if he eats it.
33. Tadase Hotori- Say that he will never take over the world.
34. Reiji Sakamaki- Make a huge mess and make him clean it all up.
35. Everyone- YOU AREN’T REAL!!!
Viciel: *Sniffle* T^T Whyyyyy…?
36: Eren Jaeger- Dude, you will NEVER kill all the Titans, so I suggest you just give up now.
37. Levi Ackerman- You will never be tall. Your bones stopped growing about 20 years ago. You have no hope.
38. Ash Ketchum- Tell him that he will never be the very best, like no one ever was.
39. Erza Scarlet- Tell her that she isn’t cool and has no idea how to properly use a sword.
40. Kanato Sakamaki- Make coffee pudding and trick him into eating it.
41. Kanato Sakamaki- Dress up as Teddy and explain how Teddy (The real one) is an imposter. Demand that he burn Teddy immediatly.
42. Tamaki Suoh- Say that he is a creepy stalker.
43. Tamaki Suoh- Say that he can’t make a proper hamster home or grow a proper mushroom.
44. Ciel Phantomhive- Force him to go to the Trancy Manor, and pelt him with spiders wearing miniature glasses until he arrives at the manor.
45. Kotoko Aihara/Irie- Tell her she will never become a nurse.
46. Bardroy- Take away his flamethrower.
47. Ronald Knox- Break his lawnmower/death scythe.
48. Grell Sutcliff- When he is sleeping, secretly cut his hair really short and then blame it on Sebastian.
49. Ikuto Tsukiyomi- Steal his violin.
50. Shuu Sakamaki- Steal his headphones.
51. Black Star- Tell him that he will never surpass God.
52. Subaru Sakamaki- Ask, “Are you a car?” Then, hop on his back and say things like “Vroom Vroom~!” and “Where do I put the car keys…?”
53. Kanato Sakamaki- STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD!!!!!


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