Glutamine, Clear, and Hashiyan are all bae.  Time to go to living environment, though xD  Anywu, bai people.



Omg so first of all I’m using the old editor right now and idk how but I’m happy loool but Jonathon.  How did you get my blog?  What? xD  I saw your comment and I was so confused xD

You either got it from Senpai or my FB, right?
Eh.  It’s a Free! country xD


So, guess who’s laptop broke again~
That’s right.
Imma cry.
I can’t even.
Can I just get a new one.
Imma cry.
I’m making this post at school, sooo…
Also, today’s the last day of school till’ January 4th!
We’re watching The NIghtmare Before Christmas on Netflix in English.
I love this movie so much ^w^
Anyway, I’ll talk to you all more later!
Christmas Tree And Miku


Okay so like, I finally found out the name of the song Austria always plays in Hetalia!  I got it on my Smule Piano app, and I’d love to learn how to play it on the piano as well!  Hah, I could just waltz into music class and start playing the piano like Austria, and all the Hetalians in the room would understand xD  


I think I’m gonna’ do that.

If I can learn this song.  Omg.  WISH ME LUUUUUCK

Now I have to find out how to get my piano keyboard to be near my laptop, but still have both plugged in…



Onhonhonhon~ The Fabulous Viciel Has Returned~

Hey guys, I’m really sorry for being inactive for such a long time!  This laptop decided to break AGAIN so I had to have it fixed yet AGAIN.  At least I managed to recover the majority of my files, which I had on a flash drive from the last time this thing broke.  I lost a drawing of Rin from Free! which I was drawing for my friend on MS Paint, though.  At least I have the eyes on a Facebook post…  Anyway, I…  Have a new favourite song~  It’s “Pabu Tte GO!” and it’s sung by England from Hetalia.  Ahem…  I suppose I’ll be off, now.  Oh!  One more thing-  I finished Hetalia: Axis Powers!  I’m so happy~ ^J^ <—That Russia emoji looks so weird in this font XD

Oh my Flying Mint Bunny.  See, when you have an HDMI3 cable in your computer so your screen is available for all to see on the computer…  Well, let’s just say that my mother is criticizing my writing.  Lovely.  Thanks, mooooom.  If it makes you happy, I make the font pink all the time in my posts.  Ahem…  I finally got to change my computer background, though, so of course I went for a seasonal winter background!  I’ll include that picture in this post as well~
Sooo…  This is-

“What is this? …  What blog?” my mother asks.  

Oh my Flying Mint Bunny.  Now she says I have no life.  

I can’t say it isn’t true, but…  Oh well.  Au revoir~
Winter Wallpaper.png